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Case Sensitive

  Used to describe a program able to distinguish between capital and small letters

Check Box


A Check box can be found in online forms it may look like the following:

I would like more information on

Web Hosting
CML Web Design services
Domain Names
Web Marketing
A Check box is different from a Radio Button, a check box can take multiple cases whereas a Radio Button can only take a single instance.




  A bit of software that allows you to find out how many visitors you have had to the page containing it.


  When a piece of software you are using terminates suddenly without warning.

CSS - Cascading Style Sheets

  Cascading Style sheets allow web designers to create style templates that specifies how different text elements (paragraphs, headings, hyperlinks, etc.) appear on a web page.
See the scroll bar to the right of the page, notice that it is blue rather than the usual grey colour, this is from using a predefined CSS style sheet.

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